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Please read our Privacy Policy before using this website. As a search result you using or accessing the website, you have to agree of our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with this, we requested please do not use of this website. We reserve all right of this Privacy Policy and that we update time to time. If any modification of this Privacy Policy you can see it on next time when you access this website. If you are using our website constantly, we will assume that you accept changes.

Terms of Use
Please read following Term of Use of this website before accessing. As a search result you using or accessing the website, you have to agree our Terms of Use/Condition. If you do not agree with this, we requested please do not use this website. We reserve all right of this Terms of Use and that we update time to time. If any modification of this Term of Use you can see it on next time to access the website. If you are using our website constantly, So we will assume that you accept any changes. We have changed or modified our website anytime and we closed the website with this all part.

Articles, videos and infographics
All our articles are written by our staff writers and our network of freelance contributors. We do accept submissions, but only if they are 100% original and have never been previously published.

Once an article is submitted, it undergoes a thorough editing process, where facts are verified as much as possible to provide the reader with accurate, up-to-date information.

Every article carries a byline; we avoid pseudonyms unless the article is humor or satire.

We take a neutral, unbiased stance in all articles and videos we produce. However, as a responsible media organisation we stand against hate, racism, sexism, misogyny, and bigotry, and will declare our opposition to these in cases that are related to them.

We are always transparent about our sources, be it an individual, organisation or the government. We only refuse to name a source, or give a source a different name if their safety is already threatened and disclosure would further expose them.

Any information that has been derived from existing material, either print or online, is attributed to their original source, through the citing of the author and publication, or hyperlinking to reliable websites.

We neither publish nor rewrite press releases. However, we treat press releases on a case-by-case basis, and, if we deem it interesting for our editorial content, may independently reach out to the individual or organisation to write our own article.

Logical Tube24 owns the copyrights to all articles, videos, and infographics published on our platform. Any content that is not our own is attributed to their rightful owners.

Age Confirmation
This website is used only by legal age person, you affirm that you are under the legal age to our Terms of Use. If you are not, please you take advice or permission to your guardians or parents and then you access or use this website under the Terms of Use.

Notice for copyrights holders. This website content and services are for only personal used and you are not use this for commercial purpose. If you have any questions or complaint of the website, please contact us to hellonazmulahmed@gmail.com any question the content of this website. We will try to help as soon as possible of your valid question, complaint or queries.

Disclaimer of Warranties
You well-understood and agree that www.logicaltube24.com are not provided any type of warranties. The website (www.logicaltube24.com) disclaims all warranties of content, services or any kind.

www.logicaltube24.com (the website) doesn't make any type of warranty that: The website, content or services will meet your necessity: The website, content or services will be error free, secure and uninterrupted;

The results can be obtained from your use of the website, The website content and services will be reliable or actual; The quality of any content, services, products, other material buy or acquired by you via the website, information, the content or services will meet your hope; and the website will be corrected to any errors in the software operating.

You downloaded any material or otherwise acquired through the use of the services or the website is done at your own risk and prudence and you will be only responsible for any harm or damage to your PC (Computer System) or loose of data that results from the obtained or download of any such stuff or material.

No information or advice, written or whether oral, acquired by you from through or the content or the website or from the services shall create any warranty not frankly mentioned in the Terms of Use.

Limitation of Liability
You evidently understand and agree that www.logicaltube24.com (the website) will not be liable or responsible for any incidental, special, direct, indirect, exemplary damage or consequential, inclusive of, but not limited to, goodwill, damage for loss of profit, use, data or other abstract losses, resulting from: the access or the unable to use website, the content or services; the cost of realization of substitute goods and resulting services from any goods, services or information, data obtained or purchased or messages received or transaction entered from the website or into the through, the content or the services;

Unauthorized use or access to or change of your transmissions or data;

Conduct or statement of any third party of website, the content or the services; or any other subject relented to the website, the content or the services.

Information Collected
This website collected information which is non-personal in nature which comes from our visitors who regularly comment on this website through social networking website like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook.

Non-Personal Intimation Collected From www.logicaltube24.com Visitors:

By visiting this website users may collect following non-personal information:

Viewing patterns of the visitors (Collected via Google Analytics) through browser type or domain name of the visitors IP (Internet Protocol) address. Purchases product or services from this website marketing partners and nature of such purchases. For collecting non-personal information user may access various web pages. This website also contains link of third party websites (by Google Adsense).

Website may represent non-personal information about its users like their online presence and activities to its advertiser and marketing partners so that third parties and forum preference and requirement of each visitors. And accordingly serve the visitors standardizes content.

This website disclose information in express or better way so that the third parties may understand it and the party not used it for any other purpose other than stated.[no-sidebar]

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